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13th December 2016


Do we need an expiry date stamp for insight & research?

27th November 2015

A few years back Australian pillow manufacture Tontine decided to manufacture pillows with a date stamp. The concept was simple, elegant and an effective solution to a problem – consumers were keeping their pillows too long. Damian Frankcom Head of Marketing Science at Colmar Brunton



10th November 2015

Colmar Brunton has released a landmark study to identify the financial impact of expenditure on media including TV, radio and online - used on their own and in different combinations.


Colmar Brunton releases results of landmark study measuring media spend ROI

26th June 2015

Sydney, June 29, 2015: In an Australian first, leading market research and insights company, Colmar Brunton has released a landmark study to identify the financial impact of expenditure on media including TV, radio and online used on their own and in different combinations.


Building a New Life in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants

12th February 2015

Building a New Life in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants


Staying at home more while the Government fixes things.

30th September 2014

Australians have indicated that they will be changing their behaviour in response to the increased Terror levels in Australia. As many as 30% have indicated that they will be staying away from trouble areas, and 22% also indicated they would be staying at home more and socialising less.


Terror: number 1 issue of concern, but not for younger Australians.

24th September 2014

An online survey of Australians aged 18+ last week found that of a number of important social issues right now, the impact of the Islamic State (ISIL) in Australia is the one that is of most concern overall. People who participated in the survey were asked to rate a number of issues from 0 to 10 with 0 being of no concern and 10 being of extreme concern.


R U OK?Day doing better than OK!

11th September 2014

Today is R U OK?Day, an annual day in September dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, "R U OK?", in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference and even save lives.


Did you know? One in three Australians are NOT okay.

11th September 2014

31% of Australians aged 18+ who participated in an OpinionsPaid weekly online poll last week indicated that they are not feeling okay right now; that they need help; or that they would prefer not to comment on how they are feeling.


Late fees are unfair, but a fact of life?

4th September 2014

84% of Australians use household suppliers who they are aware charge fees for late payment of their bills. The supplier most often mentioned in relation to late fees are Telcos, but many Australians mentioned that their electricity supplier and their main bank charge late fees.


Jury out on Clive Palmer

11th August 2014

Dominating the media, dominating politics and dominating the Government, Clive Palmer is everywhere and having a major impact on our country right now. It is obvious he and his party are increasingly becoming problematic for the government, but what does the rest of the country think about him?


Australians sick of misbehaving sports stars?

5th August 2014

Despite being a country known for its love of sports, it seems Australians are becoming fed-up with misbehaving sports stars. When asked if sports stars engaged in poor behaviour off-field should be sacked from their sporting jobs, only 7% said no, with the vast majority, 93% saying either yes, or maybe, depending on the circumstances.


Will the Glasgow Commonwealth Games be a success?

20th June 2014

More than one-quarter of Australians (aged 18+) consider the Commonwealth Games to be one of their favourite large sporting events, second to the Olympics Games where more than half (53%) have indicated it as one of their favourite sporting events.


Pensioners not the only ones doing the ‘heavy lifting’

10th June 2014

Overall, a large majority of survey participants, 71%, feel the Federal Budget will impact on them negatively. This does increase slightly amongst the 60-64 age group (76%) but is no greater than the average amongst the 65%+ age group (70%).


Zero level of comfort with the Federal Budget

6th June 2014

Australians are generally easy-going folk who often prefer to take a neutral view on social, economic and political topics, leaving the strong opinions to the media and minorities.


‘A bit of both’ is just right for Australians when it comes to choosing tradition or progress

7th April 2014

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their eight month old son, Prince George, kick off their 3 week tour of New Zealand and Australia, the Australian public remains divided and generally not interested about the topic of whether Australia should be a monarchy or republic.


Superannuation: a lifelong skill for Gen Ys

28th March 2014

Research conducted by Colmar Brunton for the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees recommends that engaging Gen Ys means that we need to associate superannuation less with retirement, and more with being a lifelong skill.


Building a Better Queensland

27th March 2014

The Queensland Plan concept was presented to the people of Queensland in February 2013 by the Honourable Campbell Newman MP as a long-term vision for Queensland. The impetus for initiating this 30 year plan was to champion the priorities of Queenslanders and Queensland communities, at both the regional and state-wide levels.


Helping Shape the Changing Landscape of Energy Regulation

27th March 2014

Colmar Brunton has recently completed two significant research projects that will feed into regulatory proposals to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for the 2015-2020 regulatory period.


Youth unemployment a national issue of concern

27th March 2014

Colmar Brunton’s latest national omnibus results indicate that although the national unemployment rate for the general population 18+ is 9% (the national official unemployment rate of all people aged 15+ is 6%), this rate skyrockets to 37% amongst those aged 18-19, and 19% amongst those aged 20-24.


Are ‘dream jobs’ just a dream?

25th March 2014

More than one in ten working Australians believes they are not working in their ideal job. This level of discontentment is slightly higher among males, and particularly high among people aged 20 to 24. It seems that the concept of obtaining a ‘dream job’ is still alive and well, with more than double the rate of job seekers currently being employed rather than unemployed.


Favourite brands differ greatly by sales channel

13th March 2014

While the traditional bricks and mortar retail channel is dominated by our iconic Australian supermarket, chain stores and food brands, it is a different story in the digital world.


Financial tension still apparent in Australia

12th March 2014

More than one-third of Australians believe their job is not adequately supporting them financially and one in five are stressed about simply covering their weekly expenses and paying their household bills.


Food brands dominate our hearts and minds

11th March 2014

Clearly food is not far from our minds and hearts. When Australians are asked to spontaneously mention favourite consumer retail brands, Coles dominates, followed by Woolworths and then Aldi.


Facebook still dominates in Australia

28th February 2014

Latest Social Media usage stats collected by Colmar Brunton shows that Facebook is still clearly winning the Social Media race for reach. Across the general Australian population, Facebook is the most widely used Social Media tool with 67% of people aged 18+ using it and most of these using it on a daily basis or at least every couple of days. This figure increases to a maximum level of 89% amongst young people aged 20 to 24. The lowest participation rate is amongst the older group of 65+, however still half of this age group is using Facebook.


Australians fence-sitting on the future of Qantas

26th February 2014

Australians are reasonably ambivalent about Government involvement in a ‘rescue’ of the financially stressed iconic Australian airline. The airline argues that current legislation which restricts foreign ownership to 49 per cent is crippling the airline’s ability to be competitive. Whilst it appears the Government is willing to remove this obstacle, it is not supported by all facets of politics with Labor and the Greens saying they will oppose any changes to the Qantas Sale Act.


Australian Government releases Evaluation of the Community Engagement Police Officers Trial Final Report

25th February 2014

In November 2012, the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department commissioned Colmar Brunton to undertake a mixed methods participatory action research evaluation of the Sworn Officer Community Engagement Police Officer (CEPO) Trial in the Northern Territory. The research involved extensive key stakeholder consultation, a comprehensive literature review and community visits to the 8 trail sites where the CEPOs had been stationed including Groote Eyandt (Angurugu and Umbakumba), Lajamanu, Wadeye, Papunya, Maningrida, Hermannsburg, Ali Curung, Yuendumu as well as a community visit to the comparator site of Galiwin’ku where the program had not been implemented to test if there were any differences.


Winter Olympics lukewarm in Australia

19th February 2014

More than one-third of Australians are not following the Winter Olympics.


8th Annual Australia and New Zealand Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium

12th February 2014

Colmar Brunton AU will be present, Predicting liking utilising Trained Panel Descriptive Profiling and Preference Mapping across food & beverage categories, at the 8th Annual Australia and New Zealand Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium



29th January 2014

About one third of Australian marriages end in divorce and nearly 15% of all families are single-parent. To observers like Liberal Senator Cory Bernadi, these trends are symptoms of moral decay. For Bernadi the answer lies in going back to the future: restore the traditional family and a tide of divorce, same-sex marriage and step-parent families will wash away, allowing the ‘right values’ to flourish once again.


What a great conference!

18th September 2013

Alistair Leathwood sums up the AMSRS conference


STW invests in Colmar Brunton - a leading Australian market research and insights firm

11th September 2013

STW invests in Colmar Brunton - a leading Australian market research and insights firm. STW Group, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group, has deepened its market research and insights capabilities with the announcement today of an investment in Colmar Brunton, one of the largest firms of its type in Australia.


Shopper Pulse: Grocery shopping habits explored

2nd September 2013

Supermarkets spend big bucks to gain and retain customers. Comparing Colmar Brunton’s Shopper Pulse data from 2011 indicates no real gains for the majors.

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Colmar Brunton awarded the SA AMI consumer insight award for our MAC Inattention Campaign

29th August 2013

Colmar Brunton was proud to receive an award for Marketing Excellence at the Gala Awards Presentation during Marketing Week 2013 in Adelaide South Australia.



7th August 2013

Free speech and social responsibility are sometimes conflicting concepts, and according to Joan Young, CEO of leading research group Colmar Brunton, this situation has never been more starkly evidenced than in today’s social media, where gossip and photographs can go viral, destroying reputations and lives in a matter of minutes. Facebook’s insensitive and flip-flop reactions to matters like videos of beheadings and breastfeeding photos are examples of the dilemma social media companies are confronted with.



23rd July 2013

The term ‘innovation’ is almost synonymous with Apple under Steve Jobs. And the failure to innovate has been blamed for many of the spectacular corporate declines in recent times, including Nokia and Dell. Industries like book publishing and newspapers have been turned on their heads by new technological innovations.


The MAC honored in the prestigious Service Excellence award category of the Australian Business Awa

18th July 2013

The MAC honored in the prestigious Service Excellence award category of the Australian Business Awards



8th July 2013

New technologies giving companies the power to personalise individual preferences is creating further demands among consumers for greater empowerment in designing products and services, according to research just released by leading research group, Colmar Brunton.



24th June 2013

Ben Cohen, from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, once said at a leadership gathering hosted by Richard Branson, that: “When business starts using its voice for the benefit of the country as a whole, not just in its narrow self-interest, it can really be the force that can make the changes that need to be made.” Ben & Jerry’s was always a company that took a stand and it was a challenge to retain that corporate culture when the brand was bought by Unilever. But the brand has managed to stay in touch with consumers by promotions such as its “random acts of kindness” campaign seen last year in Australia.



10th June 2013

“The public has spoken and the bill is dead.” With that, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declared the Coalition would not support increased public funding of political parties. It was evident that both parties were caught by surprise at the public backlash to the proposed funding. Yet if they had read the latest edition of the Millennium Monitor—the predictor of societal trends from leading market research firm Colmar Brunton—they might have realised the people are in no mood for self-interested politicians.


The Global Corporate Challenge starts today!

24th May 2013

Today is the day that kicks off a walking odyssey for thirty five of our Colmar Brunton staff who are taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge.


Colmar Brunton wins Social Marketing Research Poster

22nd May 2013

Recently Colmar won the 2013 World Social Marketing Poster Competition at the recent International Social Marketing Conference in Canada.

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ACCC quad bike practices research

3rd April 2013

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has overall Federal responsibility for product safety. Given an increase in deaths and injuries among quad bike users in recent years, the ACCC approached Colmar Brunton to undertake a survey of recreational quad bike users to examine awareness, attitudes and behaviours relating to safe recreational quad bike usage.


Cape York Welfare Reform (CYWR) Evaluation Report

28th March 2013

The Cape York Welfare Reform evaluation was release this morning which includes Colmar Bruntons Social Change Research Study, Aggregated Report. The report provides evidence from the range of evaluation activities conducted under the evaluation framework, and seeks to answer the key strategic evaluation questions for the trial about changes in social norms and behaviour.


Fewer marketers using social networking: Report

19th March 2013

The 2013 Senior Marketer Monitor, conducted by the Australian Marketing Institute and Colmar Brunton, is based on a survey of 259 senior marketing professionals in Australia.


Research News article: All you need is a little apptitude

7th March 2013

Kylie Brosnan, Managing Director Your Source, Social Policy and Evaluation Research, discusses how creative use of mobile apps and tablet-based interfaces can improve participant engagement in some unexpected places.

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CrowdScreen Webinar Presented by Peter Kenny and Phillip Sargeant

15th February 2013

CrowdScreen Webinar Presented by Peter Kenny and Phillip Sargeant


Drivers and barriers to seafood consumption in Australia

13th November 2012

Dawn Birch and Meredith Lawley Faculty of Arts and Business, University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs, Australia, and Denise Hamblin Colmar Brunton Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia


National Broadband Network - enabled Telework to boost GDP

12th November 2012

Today the Australian Government Department of Broadband Communication and the Digital Economy released its report on Creating jobs through NBN - Enabled network. The study was conducted by Colmar Brunton and Deloitte Access Economics.


Colmar Brunton presents results for Heritage Bank study

18th September 2012

This is an annual study was conducted by Colmar Brunton for Heritage Bank. The Study Captured information on Brand Perceptions, Advertising impact, and product ownership and intentions.


WIN - GALLUP press release - AMERICAN ELECTIONS: 2012

12th September 2012

Global polls shows among those who choose one of the two candidates, 81% favor Obama while 19% favor Romney

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Colmar Brunton Sydney Office hosts a collection of photography work from HEAD ON

11th September 2012

The exhibition is being lent to Colmar Brunton until next Thursday 20th September, and is part of the HEAD ON photo festival which was held in May - by the Tali Gallery in Rozelle.


Colmar Brunton works with Fuji Xerox

3rd September 2012

Earlier this year, Fuji Xerox commissioned Colmar Brunton Sydney to conduct research into the Legal Industry in Australia.


Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney

29th August 2012

Last week end the fundraising and training activity of our three Oxfam Trailwalker teams culminated in the huge physical challenge to complete 100kms of walking along the rugged trail between and Sydney. The day dawned bright and clear, the conditions were perfect for the event...


Oxfam trailwalker Sydney

27th August 2012

Over the weekend three teams from Colmar Brunton took on the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge and did a fantastic job. Congratulations guys!!


Colmar Brunton continues to work with Canstar Blue

23rd August 2012

For the past couple of years, Canstar Blue has used Colmar Brunton’s Opinions Paid panel to gauge customer satisfaction in different categories based on their experience with particular brands or suppliers in a set period.


Tasmanian women to have say in national workforce strategy

25th July 2012

Colmar Brunton has been engaged by the Australian Government Office for Women, working closely with the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (formerly Skills Australia), to undertake a series of face-to-face consultation sessions to ensure that women’s perspectives and experiences inform the 2012 National Workforce Development Strategy.


Colmar Brunton conducts Community Perceptions study for the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB)

24th July 2012

In 2012, Colmar Brunton Social Research (CBSR) conducted a Community Perceptions study for the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB).


Australian Crime Commission (ACC), awareness of ‘serious and organised investment fraud’

20th July 2012

The study being conducted is a benchmark (pre-communication initiative) to get a measure of awareness of this among the target groups.


NSW The View from the Top: CEOs Forum

5th July 2012

On 25th of July, Alistair Leathwood - Sydney Co Managing Director will sit on the AMSRS NSW The View from the Top: CEOs Forum Panel


'Let the fund raising begin!' Colmar Brunton OXFAM Trailwalker Teams

3rd July 2012

Colmar Brunton actively supports OXFAM where ever it can, This year we are proud to support three teams taking part in the 2012 Sydney Trailwalker Challenge.


Colmar Brunton Social Research - Superannuation reform research results released

20th June 2012

In 2011-12 Colmar Brunton Social Research was commissioned by the Australian Taxation Office to undertake comprehensive research about super reforms.


Colmar Brunton sponsors BrisBannes Festival

19th June 2012

On Thursday 14th June the Brisbane ad and marketing community experienced a night in Cannes as The Communications Council brought to Brisbane the best and brightest creative advertising and marketing campaigns from around the globe to be showcased in ultimate French style at the Brisbane Palace Barracks cinemas.

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AFL Remote Regional Development Program in Wadeye, Northern Territory

5th June 2012

In September 2011, the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) commissioned Colmar Brunton Social Research (CBSR) to undertake an independent participatory evaluation of the AFL Remote Regional Development Program in Wadeye, Northern Territory.


2012 REA Young Researcher of the Year

25th May 2012

Last night Melissa DeVincentis took out the Young Researcher of the Year Award at the RICA Research Effectiveness Awards night held in Sydney


Australian First for Colmar Brunton

24th May 2012

Consumers are six times more likely to search online for brands that have been advertised on the radio.

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2012 Research Effectiveness Awards

21st May 2012

Colmar Brunton is extremely proud of its incredibly strong line up for their years Research Effectiveness Awards


Connecting Up

16th May 2012

Colmar Brunton has helped produce the 2011 Summary Report for Connecting Up examining Nonprofit sector's use of technology.


Colmar Brunton CEO Joan Young helps support Vinnies Sleepout

9th May 2012

In 2011, 3500 people required homelessness support, of those 1500 were children. For just one night, Joan is going to find out what it’s like to be homeless...

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National Reconciliation Week

1st May 2012

National Reconciliation Week is an opportunity to focus on how Australians can better recognise each other, and recognise the contributions, cultures and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This includes formal recognition in the Australian Constitution. Colmar Brunton will celebrate this week and build on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.


Colmar Brunton is managing the ‘myki Customer Experience Panel’

19th April 2012

Following a competitive tender process, Colmar Brunton was appointed to manage the ‘myki Customer Experience Panel’ on behalf of the Transport Ticketing Authority.


Where to Next - Market Research Conference

12th April 2012

'Where to next?', featuring insights from three of Australia's best Market Research trends studies, hot off the press! Come join us and discover what the future holds and how it will help you and your business.

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Consumers Issue a Wake-Up Call for Australian Retailing

7th November 2011

Australian retail failures such as the recent collapse of Borders Australia and Angus & Robertson will continue to occur unless retailers embrace online shopping, according to a new study into Australian shopping behaviour.

The research, conducted by market research firm Colmar Brunton,...

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Colmar Brunton Gemius playing David to the Nielsen Goliath in Internet audience measurement.

24th January 2011

Colmar Brunton CEO Matt Williamson is cognisant of the fact that his team are going up against the might of Nielsen in the IAB online audience measurement tender which is currently underway. The Australian owned market research company has partnered with Gemius, the leading online...

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Gemius to join forces with Colmar Brunton for Australia's IAB online audience measurement tender

17th December 2010

Gemius, the leading online audience measurement agency in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa), has announced it will be partnering with Colmar Brunton, Australia's largest independently owned market research company, to compete for the Australian tender for online audience...

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Colmar Brunton goes pink with McGrath Foundation

26th October 2010

Colmar Brunton social research team recently won an exciting project aimed to guide the development of the McGrath Foundation's Youth Education Strategy. The strategy will involve a school-based program aimed at encouraging young Australians to become breast aware. The program is of high...


BRW Ride The Boom

21st October 2010

The mining boom is drawing an economic fault line through Australia. On the one side are the resources industry and its service industries, on the other side is everything else. In this article Colmar Brunton explores how Australians believe the proceeds from the minerals resource rent...

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Super savvy shoppers will only get smarter

10th October 2010

In the October installment of Colmar Brunton's Shopper Pulse, produced in conjunction with Retail Media, the links between Loyalty Cards, Petrol offers and Price Discounts are explored. A key segment of consumers is found, the shoppers who go for the 'triple whammy' of utilizing all three...

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Tradewar not a license to print money

4th October 2010

Australian investors blame the United States for a looming currency crisis that threatens to turn into a trade war with China, according to a new Investor Pulse survey by Colmar Brunton and BusinessDay.

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NAB rejection seen as bad omen for merger activity

16th September 2010

This weeks Investor Pulse looks at he ACCC's decision to reject the NAB's bid for AXA Asia-Pacific. Australian Investors are reliveed about the decision however they feel as if the ACCC took too long to act and that this may delay future rulings. General sentiment indicates that the...

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Melbourne beats Sydney in satisfaction survey

10th September 2010

In the second installment of the Shopper Pulse, Colmar Brunton digs into the core drivers behind satisfaction. It is found that Melbourne shoppers are more satisfied than Sydney shoppers, country shoppers are more satisfied than metro shoppers and women are more polarizing in their...

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Reporting season pivotal in lifting sentiment

2nd September 2010

Australian Investors confidence is growing. This weeks Investor Pulse survey see's a positive shift in sentiment and a growing proportion feeling that the share market will begin to see positive growth over the next 6 months. Positivity about growth is however somewhat offset by the fact...

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Survey reveals strong investor support for BHP bid

26th August 2010

This weeks Investor Pulse survey canvases Austalian Investors opinions on BHP's hostile bid for Canada's Potash Corp. 46% of Austraian Investors feel that the bid, if succesful will increase BHP's shareprice. However, it appears there is a strong belief that the cash bid will need to...

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BRW Show Me The Money

19th August 2010

Why is it that we go to work everyday? In this BRW article, Colmar Brunton conducts a survey or Australian workers to find out what are their main motivations for having a job.


Punters back coalition but think Labor will win

19th August 2010

This weeks Investor Pulse survey, two days out from the federal election, looks at how Australian Investors feel about who will grab top spot. In spite of the the majority feeling that the Coalition will form the stronger economic leadership group, 44% of Australian Investors still feel...

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Supermarket switching and the use of catalogues

10th August 2010

In this, the first of a monthly column written in conjunction with RetailWorld, Colmar Brunton explores the drivers behind super-market switching and catalogue purchasing habits. In this, a survey of household primary grocery purchasers, it becomes clear that catalogues are still a very...

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Disillusioned investors overtaken by nostalgia

5th August 2010

In a throw back to bygone years of the last Liberal government, this weeks Investor Pulse asks Australian Investors how they feel about the best economic leadership team. A polarising result shows Australian investors nostalgic in their views on economic leadership with a staggering 50%...

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Cautiously pessimistic

29th July 2010

With a rocky start to the earnings season Investor Pulse this week investigates where Australian Investors believe growth potential lies. Opinion indictates that the most potential is in the mining sector with 52% of investors placing this at the forefront of their profits growth...

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The factors that make market watchers go to the polls

22nd July 2010

This week Investor Pulse looks at voters preference for the upcoming federal election. Despitethat Labour claims to have carried Australia though the GFC on the back of the Rudd's economic stimulus package the majority of Australian Investors surveyed think that a Liberal government with...

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Bubble-burst fears rise

15th July 2010

This weeks Investor pulse investigates Australian Investor sentiment towards the property market. For the first time this year the majority of Australian Investors think that the market will remain flat or fall within 5%. This is driven by the growing belief that Australia is experiencing...

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BRW Migrant Millionaires

10th July 2010

Appearing in the July issue of BRW magazine this article explores the lives and successes of a select few "Migrant Millionaires" and their relationships with Australia and their home countries. Colmar Brunton research has been used to indicate the Australian populations feelings towards...

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Gillard gets cautious nod of approval from investors

1st July 2010

Australian Investors are confident in our first female Prime Minister. However although Julia Gillard has their confidence she runs the risk of losing it should she push back on a decision for the mining super profits tax. Investors are also split 50/50 on whether Wayne Swan should have...

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Fury rises over payout for David Jones boss

25th June 2010

In this Investor Pulse survey Adele Ferguson and Colmar Brunton investigate the damage done by the sexual abuse allegations made against former CEO Mark McInnes. The skew is towards more women finding the situation dissatisfying though generally there is concensus with 81% of Australian...

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Colmar Brunton presents a paper on Twitter at the ESOMAR APAC Conference in Bangkok

22nd June 2010

Colmar Brunton partner and leading global industry thought leader Ray Poynter took centre stage at the ESOMAR APAC Conference in Bangkok to present his paper Will Twitter change the way that market researchers communicate? The paper looked at market researchers and asked whether social...

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Aussie investors alert not yet alarmed

10th June 2010

This weeks investor pulse looks at Australian Investor sentiment given the recently unstable European and American economies. Investor Pulse showed that in the local economy 70% of respondents have done nothing to alter where they are putting their money and a mere 2% saying they had...

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Investors fear broken hearts if 'break fees' are not outlawed

3rd June 2010

Investors want their boards to stop signing up to ''break fee'' agreements with potential takeover or merger partners, fees that could result in millions of dollars of shareholders' money being given away. More than 60 per cent of respondents to the Investor Pulse survey - a joint venture...

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Investors agree it's all a matter of class and banks should settle actions over fees

27th May 2010

In light of the alleged gouging of $5 million in late fees from consumers, this weeks Investor Pulse looks at Australian Investors feelings towards the banks and their handling of the situation. Of particular note is that 74% of Australian Investors believe that the banks should break...

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Investors not happy with the government's record

20th May 2010

This weeks Investor Pulse looks at how Australian Investors feel towards the Rudd governments economic credibility. On the back of Rudd's insistence that he will bring the country back in to surplus three years ahead of schedule, 60% of Australian Investors reject the governments claims...

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Few oppose a tax cut on savings, but what of property?

13th May 2010

This weeks Investor Pulse looks at Australian Investors opinions on the rumored tax cut on savings. A sizeable 85% of Australian Investors feel that this is a good idea. Given 67% of Australia Investors believe we're in the grip of a property bubble it's unsurprising that Rudd's idea of...

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Investors peeved by Rudd's tax reforms

6th May 2010

This weeks investor pulse indicates that Australian Investors feel as though Kevin Rudd has missed the mark on the learnings from the Henry Tax Review. The latest Investor Pulse survey indicates that 64% of Australian Investors feel that the proposed tax reforms are going to be bad for...

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