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Look to colmar brunton for market research in the social, services, FMCG (brand and product) and government sectors where they are acknowledged as market research experts.

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colmar brunton specialises in FMCG market research, Brand market research and product market research colmar brunton social research specialises in social market research colmar brunton specialises in services market research


We have a large range of corporate clients and are experts in dealing with both subscription and non subscription services in the fields of telecommunications, banking and finance, energy and supply, travel and recreation, airlines, gaming, entertainment and media.

Our specialist team of Services researchers work on Services products for private companies, including:

  • Developing and evaluating brands including measuring and managing brand health.
  • Testing communication methods.
  • Evaluating and assessing touch-points and channels.
  • Service product management and bundling research.
  • Services prices research.
  • Service performance delivery evaluation, including satisfaction studies, NPS studies, CVA studies.
  • Retention, acquisition, loyalty and churn management studies.
  • Customer purchase decision-making studies.


Specialising in behaviour change research, Colmar Brunton Social Research provides a full range of customised research solutions to government and not-for-profit industry organisations.

Our world-class social research team provides strategic research and consultancy services for public education campaigns, communications, social marketing and customer service programs.

Our team helps shape life in Australia by guiding our clients to:

  • Make informed decisions by providing key stakeholder information and analysis.
  • Increase customer, staff and stakeholder satisfaction by identifying satisfaction drivers.
  • Improve stakeholder engagement strategies through the use of innovative on-line communities and face-to-face consultations.
  • Develop more effective policy/programs through needs analysis, community consultations and evaluation services.
  • Increase the effectiveness of messages, communications, and social marketing strategies through use of advanced models and expertise.
  •  Work in partnership with indigenous communities to facilitate a ongoing dialogue with government.


Our core offer is the testing and tracking of FMCG brands, packs, concepts, advertising and products over their critical points of contact. The unique benefit we provide to our clients is our ability to optimise the marketing mix for the Australian retail trade, the purchaser and the consumer.

Our specialist FMCG team is made up of world leaders in sensory science, marketing experts and quant and qual specialists.

  • We have a range of techniques and products that are utilised at the different stages of the NPD process.
  •  We offer the highest quality of dedicated facility and ISO accredited recruitment processes.
  • Our Quant, Qual, Sensory and Marketing experts work with the developers of the brands, advertising, packs, concepts and the products to ensure that they are optimised before taking to the market.
  • We have the ability to benchmark your products against the largest Australian database of category specific norms. With over 7000 category specific measures for concepts, products and packs we’re able to deliver the most accurate predictions of market performance in Australia.