Our approach to Colmar Brunton team engagement and deployment

The health and safety of Colmar Brunton’s employees remains our top priority. Colmar Brunton has enacted the following measures to minimise the impact of COVID-19 at the individual and workplace levels:
• The Colmar Brunton Leadership Team is meeting daily to discuss our response to COVID-19 and we are providing employees with up to date information from credible sources in relation to the COVID-19 threat.
• Colmar Brunton has always enabled flexible working practices for our people. We are further promoting flexible working approaches during this time. This means that we will have a mix of staff in the office and working from home. All teams are having a 15-minute touch base each morning to check in on daily work progress.
• We are holding client meetings via video conference or teleconference. If you would still prefer face to face meetings, we can do so, and we will exercise social caution and best practice hygiene protocols.
• Travel between offices will only proceed under exceptional circumstances. If travel is business critical for our clients and your projects, then we will do all we can to support these requests. If travel restrictions are going to be an issue for upcoming projects, please contact your Colmar Brunton Research Director.
• We will afford employees the time and space to deal with personal or family situations that arise as a result of COVID-19 and its various effects, including flexible leave arrangements.
• We will communicate changes to work volumes and patterns as proactively as possible.
• It is important to emphasise that we are aiming for zero impact on our delivery timeliness, our responsiveness or on our deliverables to clients.

Our approach to Colmar Brunton research projects

Colmar Brunton’s resilience planning currently has the following protocols and systems in place:
• We are reviewing the methodologies on all projects to ensure the required objectives can still be met while maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our people and participants.
• All of our qualitative research is offered with an alternative on-line option. This includes live online focus groups and video forums.
• In all of our online qualitative research we offer the functionality of face to face sessions: you can show participants stimulus, respondents can interact with each other as they would if they were sitting in the same room and you can have access to watch the group discussion live.
• We also ensure everyone recruited to groups has access and ability to join an online group discussion should we need to move from face-to-face, to online.
• Many of our clients already use online qualitative research in preference to face to face research for a variety of reasons, so this is a well proven and valuable method to generate insights.
• An alternative approach may be moving from group discussions to one on one (depth interview) discussions (online or over the phone).
• We will discuss all options and what we recommend for your project when / if applicable and make the right decision in collaboration with you.

In some select cases, where we still require a face to face approach, we are taking all necessary precautions including:
• Pre-screening all participants, excluding those who have returned from international travel in the past 4 weeks and making sure every participant is healthy.
• Turning any participant away who is displaying any flu like symptoms.
• Ensuring all refreshments are offered in individual serves.
• Ensuring all participants and Colmar Brunton employees across all forms of research wash their hands and sanitise pre- and post-interview.
• Wiping down all surfaces pre & post research sessions with anti-bacterial wipes.
• Ensuring no physical interaction such as handshake greetings or sharing of stimulus.
• Ensuring adequate space between participants.

We are taking all necessary precautions for sensory research. The below protocols and procedures will be implemented at our own sensory research centres in Chadstone, Melbourne and North Sydney as well as any offsite external locations.
• Ensuring all participants maintain distance in our research facilities at any one time.
• Using additional screener questions to exclude all who have travelled abroad in the past 4 weeks and this will checked again during confirmation.
• All visitors to the centre will be required to sanitise hands prior to entering facility – a sanitiser station is located outside the lifts and inside our facilities.
• Anyone visibly showing signs of cold / flu etc. will be asked to leave.
• Sanitised wipes will always be available to all respondents and all staff.
• After each session and during breaks, each booth / workstation will be sanitised fully.
• Staff will be asked to wash hands regularly, no touching of face etc. as per Government guidelines.
• Posters outlining responsible hygiene are being displayed in booth/testing areas.
• All staff hold food hygiene certificates and will always be adhering to food hygiene protocols. Our staff follow all steps to ensure there is no risk to our members when we serve them food, including wearing hairnets, gloves and general cleanliness.
• All non-disposable cutlery and crockery used is washed in an industrial dishwasher.
• Our doors will be propped opened, so they do not need to be touched.

We will be reviewing any updates from the Government, AMSRS and AMSRO daily and implementing any changes as required in response to COVID-19.

Despite the current environment, we are confident we can deliver to all client requirements. We offer our clients flexibility, resourcing capability, and expertise during this time. When discussing options for your research needs, we will collaborate with you to ensure the safety of your team, our research consultants and the people who participate in the research, while still ensuring the research is appropriate for the project needs.

These are challenging times and the need to adapt and flourish has never been greater. At Colmar Brunton we exist to deliver insights and outcomes that make a difference. Our consultants will continue to work closely with you to influence thinking, inspire big ideas and drive momentum in your businesses. These are challenging times but challenging the status quo is what we do.

If you have any concerns or questions, we would be more than happy to speak with you.