Who we are.

Colmar Brunton is one of Australia’s largest customised market research companies. Home grown, we know more about Australia’s population than anyone else. We help our clients deliver better products, services and communications.

Our success is driven by developing long term partnerships with commercial businesses and government agencies and departments. We’ll always bring an informed opinion and we get straight to the point with insightful stories that are concise and easy to digest. Without any jargon, we help you make the big decisions with confidence.

We are made up of a team of senior qualitative and quantitative research experts. Our people are placed as close as possible to our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide and we are supported by our dedicated fieldwork division – Your Source – located in Chadstone and North Sydney.

Today, Colmar Brunton is a KANTAR company, and continues to deliver insight for its clients.

What we do.

We connect businesses and organisations to people through insights. We provide an in-depth understanding of people from both an individual and social perspective. This enables us to better identify their needs and anticipate their behaviour. We work in partnership with our clients to help them leverage this insight to drive and implement meaningful strategies and initiatives.

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We dig deeper.

Drawing individuals, tribes and communities out of the background to where they can be seen, heard and understood.

Leveraging the cultural and social context to understand the past, explain the current and predict the future.

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We work the insights harder.

Creating a single picture that provides clear direction.

Identifying strategic and tactical opportunities to better connect with customers and drive sustained momentum.

Bringing relevant functions out of their silos to turbo-charge their efforts.