We blend innovative thinking with methodological and industry capability to provide our clients with insights that meet their specific needs. Our tailored solutions are founded on academic principles. This provides an unrivalled understanding of people and brands, enabling us to deliver better outcomes for our clients and their customers.
We have a suite of capabilities and services that can be applied to any product, service or communications challenge.
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Sensory product design and enhancement.

Sophisticated techniques used to increase the rate of market success through measurement of the consumption experience, palate characterisation and the evolution of palate preference. Key methods include Central Location Testing, Home Usage Testing, Expert Trained Panels, Sensory Qual, Product Labs, Sensory Curves and Claims Testing.


Putting the customer at the centre of innovation and using divergent and convergent thinking to source the best ideas. From the ‘fuzzy front end’ through to launch, we ideate, co-create, test and refine concepts to deliver healthy innovation funnels and direct development efforts that meet customer needs and business objectives. Our toolkit includes normative benchmarks, volumetric estimations, price analysis and choice modelling.

Voice of the Customer & CX Performance Measurement.

A program that incorporates three layers of understanding: key interaction monitoring, overall relationships measurement and continuous listening. Metrics and outputs are tailored to business and operational requirements. These may include Net Promoter, Satisfaction, open ended questions with text analytics capability, strategic deep dives, scorecards, driver and ROI analyses.


A world class Customer Experience evaluation framework developed by Colmar Brunton. It provides a platform that enables clients to benchmark their touch-point and overall relationship performance against competitors and other industries. Key metrics are across a broad range of industries, brands, channels and demographic segments. Bespoke options are available to suit individual client needs.

Brand positioning and tracking.

Through our brand positioning research, we discover not only how a brand is different and unique to the competition but we also identify the consumers’ needs and motivations for the category. These powerful insights unlock the potential to better position or strengthen brands in the hearts and minds of customers. We also track brand health, positioning and engagement and measure brand and advertising effectiveness to drive improved performance.

Behaviour change communications development.

We start with a logic workshop to focus on the desired behavioural change and identification of barriers. We then build knowledge through rich, holistic insights and best practice reviews to identify strategies to influence behaviour. This enables us to provide clear direction to our clients so that they can confidently generate compelling and relevant messages for different segments.

Concept screening, testing and refinement.

A series of qualitative and quantitative approaches designed to screen, test and refine concepts. Using sophisticated analytics, we identify which ideas bubble to the surface, then we prioritise the areas that require further attention. This ensures product development, reformulation, bundles or service designs are optimised and meet customer expectations. For products, we also determine the combination of concepts that will yield the greatest incremental sales.

Communication effectiveness and impact.

A staged approach to help clients hit the right notes with their communications. We inform creative strategy, identify which messages best resonate and which elements create the greatest engagement with the target audience. Starting with campaign logic and territory development then continuing on to campaign execution pretesting and detailed evaluation pre and post campaign to measure ROI and improve performance.

Millennium Monitor.

A unique social trends monitor that has been running since 1999, this is Australia’s biggest picture research. It provides strategic direction for brands and organisations, examines the social mood of Australia and maps the cycles that influence people’s behaviour. Social insights help us to explain the past, understand the present and predict the future.


Motivational Needs Model.

A powerful qualitative approach based on Jungian psychology and Schwartz’s Business Values Model. Motivational needs models are customised and designed to understand the emotional and motivational needs driving consumer behaviour and decision making. These needs can be linked to brand values, brand image, product and service attributes. The model also identifies white space opportunities for innovation and brand and product positioning.

Marketing science, modelling and advanced analytics.

We use contemporary multivariate statistical analysis and artificial intelligence to uncover insight, predict the future and support business and policy decisions. Our techniques include segmentation, choice modelling, decision hierarchy, demand forecasting and price elasticity. Carefully designed interactive tools developed by our experienced information architects ensure that your insight and information will be taken to the next level.


A social media monitoring tool that includes a single metric to distil understanding of discussion trends and changes. Also includes best in class analytic tools to understand mood and sentiment. It includes key elements associated with the greatest influence and volume as well as a powerful dataset to inform further analysis and decision making.