Ensuring your advertising and marketing budget is invested into the right media.

Colmar Brunton are known leaders in measuring advertising effectiveness, driven by some of the nation’s brightest minds within the field of market research. With over 100 specialised consultants across 5 locations within Australia, Colmar Brunton offers a wealth of knowledge that can facilitate customised market research projects which are tailored to suit individual business needs. Conducting strategic market research both, pre, during and post campaign launch, Colmar Brunton closely monitors the success and trends developing around a campaign. This allows knowledgeable collaborations and adjustments to a project, to deliver meaningful insights and action.
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Concept Testing

Concept testing is essential, not just for new product or program development, but also for rejuvenating existing brands and concepts within a rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace. By understanding a consumer’s key emotional drivers, you can identify and develop concepts to reach that deeper level of understanding of your consumer’s motivations and the cultural nuances which influence their decision making. Through utilising customised qualitative focus groups to deliver crucial insights, we provide guidance to established brands to reposition themselves within the local or global marketplace and to connect with different cultural groups. Our customised testing techniques allow us to optimise advertising effectiveness and new product launches.

Concept testing is also a vital tool within nontangible product consumer groups, such as within government sectors, bodies or organisations. Before money is spent on any new program, policy or initiative, it is vital to first test the concept within the target consumer group, to gauge the expected effectiveness of the proposal. This process can save hours of work and countless dollars, by targeting a campaign specifically around a group’s attitudes and behaviours, thus streamlining the campaign to maximise advertising effectiveness.

Effective Communication

Any project requires a measurable outcome to determine its effectiveness. Effective communication is an area in which Colmar Brunton holds great value, in determining if the message from a campaign has reached the target and achieved the expected outcomes. These outcomes could include increased sales, positive feedback from customers or consumers, greater uptake of services or success of marketplace repositioning, just to name a few.

Effective communication, in particular, has far reaching benefits to government sectors, bodies and organisations. In these cases, the effectiveness of a campaign cannot simply be measured numerically, thus is usually determined through qualitative research. At the core of our company values is our commitment to conducting research and insights that make a difference. Part of this requires us to deep dive into not only people’s motivational needs but also the cultural context in which they live. From this we deliver many powerful insights into what resonates within different target consumer or customer groups, and successfully guide large brands and significant government bodies, to make more informed strategic business decisions.

By tailoring our market research strategies to suit the needs and goals of our clients, Colmar Brunton can successfully measure advertising effectiveness by utilising a range of customised services, to gain valuable insight and direction, not otherwise achievable with industry competitors.