Build a strong brand using innovative market research

We offer insights into your business using brand positioning research, which can help identify where your business fits within its category to help set you apart from the competition. As we identify the needs and motivations of your consumers, these insights offer the unique ability to strengthen your brand and resonate with your target audience. At Colmar Brunton, we use advanced research techniques for continued brand performance.

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Brand positioning research

Businesses want to occupy a distinctive place in the market and stand out from the white noise of similar businesses in the same category. To achieve this, you need to stand out in the hearts and minds of your consumers. This involves looking at the relevance of your business and then exploring differentiation – this is, what is unique about what your business is offering. Brand positioning research involves us exploring the needs and motivations of your consumers to provide customised insights into how you can adapt your brand. Brand positioning research can also look at awareness of your brand in the marketplace in comparison to the competition.

Tracking brand health

Given the dynamic marketplace, it’s important to track the ongoing health of your brand to ensure that you continue to achieve your goals and reach new milestones. Brand health can be measured using a number of research methods, from collating business data using analytics to conducting surveys and obtaining consumer feedback. We track the performance of your brand and use this data to continue to work with you to implement tailored measures which will continue to see your business innovate and grow.

Measuring advertising effectiveness

When your business has invested in advertising, it can be a powerful way to increase customer awareness and improve your image. However, it can also be a big investment with both time and resources. Advertising tracking can provide insight into the effectiveness of the advertising and whether it appeals to your target audience. Advertising tracking can help measure aspects of the campaign such as advertising awareness, brand and message recall, and overall brand image. Using the insights gained from research, we can monitor the impact of your advertising and adjust your campaign over time to ensure that your brand remains relevant.

Industry leaders

At Colmar Brunton, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the market research industry and we have grown into one of Australia’s largest customised market research companies. Our team of experienced researchers provide a customised approach to unlock the potential of your business. We provide you with insights from an individual perspective, as well as a broader social approach, which allow you to better respond to the needs and desires of your consumers.

To find out more about how brand positioning and advertising tracking can build your business, contact Colmar Brunton today.