In a rapidly changing world, businesses must strive to understand the needs and desires of people to achieve better outcomes.

Adopting a customer centric approach is essential  to create a system which provides ongoing value to your customers. Colmar Brunton has significant experience in customer experience market research and we provide insight into organisational behaviours which will deliver trust and value to your customers.

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Customer centric focus

Each interaction that customers have over the duration of the relationship with your company forms a larger picture in terms of the overall customer experience. Colmar Brunton has a focus on ensuring a customer centric approach which satisfies evolving consumer needs to create an edge in the crowded marketplace. Understanding the end-to-end customer journey provides invaluable customer insights into the business environment and the strategic direction going forward.

Colmar Brunton speaks to customers at various stages of the journey to provide a blueprint for the impressions, thoughts and feelings of people engaged with a product or service. Once this data is obtained, secondary research methods are able to be implemented by our researchers to begin the process of strategic development and KPI measurement.

Customer Experience (CX) Platforms

Customer experience (CX) platforms allow for companies monitor and manage customer interactions to gauge the overall customer experience. The CX platform for your organisation helps to establish your client interaction goals and provides essential analytics for clearer insight. Colmar Brunton has worked with a range of government and not for profit organisations and our customer experience market research has informed marketing and product development, as well as providing insights for future opportunities.

Colmar Brunton are passionate about providing Australian businesses and organisations with the insights they need to improve the customer experience. We work with you to establish and manage ongoing measurements of the customer experience to deliver ongoing feedback for continuous improvement.

Voice of Customer (VOC)

A Voice of Customer (VOC) program is designed to capture, analyse and act on customer feedback and is essential for understanding how your brand is relating to customers. VOC programs need to encompass key interaction monitoring, overall relationships measurement and continuous listening. Our VOC programs are tailored to your business and include metrics such as Net Promoter Score, Net Value and Net Easy Scores, First Choice and Satisfaction.

We believe in providing the best experience possible for customers and work to ensure that your product or service meets the customers’ expectations. We want to connect your brand with your customers so your values are aligned. We view each interaction that customers have with your business as an opportunity to form connections.

Colmar Brunton is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced market research agencies in Australia. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver insights which allow organisations to consistently improve their customer experience. Our qualitative and quantitative research methods are tailored specifically to the needs of the client to ensure the best outcomes possible. We have researchers located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide to ensure close proximity to our client base.

To develop a customer centric approach for your business, speak with Colmar Brunton today.