Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Brisbane

Colmar Brunton leads the industry with market research in Brisbane and we have experience in supporting companies, government agencies and departments to develop long term growth. We strive to create long-lasting partnerships through the implementation of creative market research so you can better understand your customers. At Colmar Brunton, we continue to deliver insights to our Queensland based clients so you can make important decisions with confidence.

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Understanding people

As one of the largest and most experienced market research and evaluation agencies in Australia, Colmar Brunton understands how to draw out the needs and desires of consumers for better insights. We have significant experience conducting research with people in regional, rural and remote locations, Indigenous Australians, minority populations and individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds. This places us in an optimal position to carry out market research for Brisbane businesses and organisations. We bring informed opinions and insightful stories which provide a more in-depth picture of your consumer group.

Evidence-based research

At Colmar Brunton, we have over 25 years of experience and a team of over 100 researchers with experience in qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Our research methods are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients which allows us to provide a flexible approach to support the requirements of a vast range of businesses and organisations. Colmar Brunton worked with the Queensland State Government to conduct a community consultation study to develop a vision for Queensland which encompassed the needs of the people. The effectiveness of this study has been acknowledged globally as a case study for democracy in action.

Identifying strategic opportunities

Colmar Brunton’s senior researchers use evidence-based research to help our Brisbane clients make decisions with confidence. We work in partnership with our clients to connect you with your people to gain better insight into the future and provide a clear direction for continued growth. Some of the strategies we employ include brand positioning and tracking, product innovation, social media monitoring, concept screening, testing and refinement, communication effectiveness and impact, and strategic innovation. By combining innovative thinking with our methodical approach to research, we provide tailored solutions for better outcomes for our clients. Our team provides an in-depth understanding of your customers to drive world-class growth. We have the capacity to deliver large scale research programs, depending on your needs.

Delivering big ideas

Colmar Brunton is uniquely positioned to carry out market research for your Brisbane business to deliver meaningful insights which will support your continued growth. We have a diverse team of experts with significant experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We understand the Australian population and we provide you with concise and meaningful information to help you deliver better outcomes. With our people located across Australia, including Brisbane, we ensure that you’re closely supported.

To find out more about how Colmar Brunton can support your business with market research Brisbane, contact us today.