Gauge the overall satisfaction of your customer base using the Net Promoter score (NPS)

At Colmar Brunton, we provide insights into the consumer experience to help inspire new ideas for your business and implement positive change. Measuring customer satisfaction is an important aspect of ensuring loyalty to your brand and the Net Promoter Score offers a range of metrics which can help reliably measure customer satisfaction.

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Measuring the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The NPS is a metric that businesses can use to measure customer satisfaction, generally using a simple index ranging from 0 to 10. The survey will gauge customer perception by asking participants to choose a rating. Depending on where the customer scores, they can be classified as detractors, passives or promoters. The overall NPS of your business is able to then be calculated by subtracting the customers who are detractors from those who are promoters. Used in conjunction with other research methods, your NPS can give you valuable insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. With this metric, positive steps can then be taken to improve the overall performance of your business.

Benefits of using the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Simple to use – the NPS is simple for customers to use and can be carried out via email, over the phone or by mail. The survey can consist of one simple question which is easy for time-poor customers to carry out.

Improve customer satisfaction – the purpose of the NPS is to gauge customer satisfaction and then put measures in place which will improve loyalty to your brand. It’s a helpful tool which can provide you with the overall impression that customers have of your business.

Allow for further feedback – while the NPS can consist of a single question, further feedback can also be sought from customers to further explain their experience. This can help inform your future strategy.

Easy to understand – the results of the NPS is a simple calculation which is easy to understand for businesses. Given that the tool is widely used, it’s also easy to track your progress against the rest of the industry.

Drives growth – the NPS encourages continuous improvement as your business can work to implement changes over time which will impact positively on the overall customer experience. It can also be implemented over time to track the progress of your business.

Delivering insights that make a difference

Colmar Brunton are a home-grown company which means we have an unparalleled understanding of the Australian population. This allows us to work with our clients to deliver better services and products to their target audience. We provide targeted insights based on qualitative and quantitative research which allows us to help your business grow and develop over time. We offer a diverse range of professional expertise to help you understand the people you’re servicing.

To learn more about how your net promotor score (NPS) can be utilised for your business, speak with Colmar Brunton today.