Communicating international trade and foreign investment.

The client challenge:

Our federal government client sought to identify the most effective approaches for communicating international trade and foreign investment with the Australian public.

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What we did:

We conducted exploratory qualitative research to gauge community attitudes and to identify the most effective communication approaches. We then followed this with quantitative research to benchmark the prevalence of each viewpoint across Australia. Finally, we tested reactions to trade and investment messages amongst specific target groups.

The outcome:

The findings enabled senior policy makers, communicators and senior executives to optimise community engagement. Colmar Brunton was invited by Minister Ciobo and DFAT Secretary Adamson to present the findings to the Trade, Tourism and Investment Policy Advisory Council (TTIPAC) – an advisory body that provides informal advice to the Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment on trade, tourism and investment issues.


Influencing behavioural change in road usage through targeted communications.

The client challenge:

Our client sought to understand how to combat the major behavioural issue of speeding that has contributed to serious injuries and fatalities on South Australian roads.

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What we did:

Through our understanding of behavioural change, we started with developmental research to grasp the issue on a deeper level, and to elicit creative inspiration and potential messaging. We then conducted testing to validate the ability of the concept to resonate with the target audience and to deliver the campaign objectives.

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The outcome:

The highly successful ‘Hairy Fairy’ campaign was launched using multi-media platforms to deliver a number of targeted behaviour change messages. The overall objective to reduce speeding was achieved and the campaign won the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) 2017 Award for Social Marketing and Social Change.

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