Creating a launch plan for Chocolate in Asia.

The client challenge:

Our client sought to validate and optimise an opportunity they had identified in Indonesia and Malaysia to launch a new chocolate product.

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What we did:

Through central location sensory research, we measured the appeal of concept, product, pack and price in both markets. Shelf location was also tested to understand the ideal delivery of the entire bundle, while volumetric analysis estimated the total Year 1 volume in both markets.

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The outcome:

Our client identified the optimal product bundle for launch and, in line with our estimations, then launched in both markets with stunning success.


Designing a roadmap for NPD through deep understanding of the consumer, occasions and needs.

The client challenge:

Our global FMCG client sought consumer and category expertise to future proof their business, shape their vision and better understand opportunities in Australia across multiple FMCG categories.

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What we did:

Colmar Brunton designed a whole food and beverage landscape segmentation in order to identify real opportunity and successful NPD. Through a large diary-based exercise, which was nationally representative and conducted throughout the year, we identified consumer needs and segments of opportunity for our client.

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The outcome:

A deep understanding of Australian consumers and a multitude of category, brand, occasion, need and lifestage-based NPD opportunities.